• Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2009-09-29
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:52

Music Video


  • Real dancing

    By sirNader
    So innovative! No one sounds or comes close to her madjesty. Iconic.
  • Absolute Classic

    By Dolllover22
    Vogue, as well as Like a Prayer and Express Yourself, is a classic video that every film student should watch. And every Madonna fan. Music fan. Living, breathing human. The dancing is incredible, the song itself is timeless, and Mr. Fincher is a wonderful director! Though, iTunes, could you please change the date from 2009 to its original 1990, it makes it confusing for non-fans (even if it is a little obvious because of Madonna's looks, it's too timeless to look very dated.) Thanks, and please buy this! Love it! .
  • to Allyoopxoxo

    By DragonRS10
    Please tell your cousin Allyoop17 to come back to iTunes and explore. Learn more about the ground breakers of music and build a knowledge base and an appreciation of all genres of music, Past, Present and Future. Free Your Mind -- (pun intended) Don't Judge.
  • Best video/song of Madonna

    By dna_gourmet
    i consider this song and video her best of all time. No one will ever come close to Vogue.
  • Art Appropriation

    By maverickshaw.com
    Clever use of lyrics pinched from performance artist Martha Rosler reading Vogue magazine; visual style inspired by the art canons most iconically classic shapes; and of course the attitude of New York City underground marginal art groups as seen in documentary Paris Is Burning.
  • A Video Of Historic Magnitude

    By himynameisbrent
    Vogue was a landmark moment in Madonna's musical history. From the moment I heard it for the very first time, it made me feel shiny and new. No, wait...wrong song. The video also elevated Madonna to a new level of sophistication. It was a master class in fabulousness. Being gay, I assumed I would be able to master the art of Vogueing. Sadly, I was wrong. But oh, how I tried.
  • OmegaTony

    By OmegaTony
    Like many of the great artists of our day (...ie those days when videos first came out, LOL) this video would be a hit no matter what time period it debuted. MJ, Madonna, George Michael, and Whitney all helped to make music videos what they are today.

    By Genasik
    One of the greatest music videos ever!
  • đź’—This woman!

    By Veegirl71
    She is a goddess!!! I admire her to the fullest......
  • Love

    By VINNIE 15
    I love to vogue

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