Exodus - DMX
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  • Loved it

    By Humbee04
    I honestly loved it. X you will be missed R.I.P King
  • DM❌ 🐐

    By Goldenera86
    This album in my opinion is a masterpiece of an album especially compared to other weak hip hop albums in this embarrassing hip hop generation ! ❌is definitely the greatest rapper after the great 2pac! If you’re a true hardcore hip hop fan then you’ll love this album. I had the album on repeat for weeks straight and still love the album 💪🏼 Obviously over the years his voice doesn’t sound like it used to and is past his prime but his passion,flow and aggression is still there which makes this album a definite instant classic 🔥 🙏🏼RIP to the 🐐 Grrrrrrrrr Dogs 4life 🤞🏼
  • Doesn’t sound like him at all.

    By SDCabanaBoy
    I know your voice changes with age. I’m 44, and been listening to X since the late 90’s, and this doesn’t sound like X. Compare this to his previous albums and that raspy, organic hard barking voice just isn’t there. It’s not tangible by any means. This album is definitely rushed and while I won’t knock Swiss, come on. Had he lent this out to be blessed by Dr. Dre, Rick Ruben, or anyone else, it would’ve had some more heat to it. This sounds like Swiss selfishly wanted to claim all the credit for X’s last album. Shame, because it definitely has some positives. This is the Chargers of music. So close, yet so far away.
  • ❌🐕🐾🦴

    By T.O.N.Y- R
  • #BathSalts🔥🔥🔥🔥

    By Prime_Maximus
    Album is a CLASSIC... Thank you Swizz. Long Love X. BathSalts sheeesssssshhhh 🔥🔥🔥

    By Chris Mac 3
    X gave it to us! His music lives forever! Songs with Bono and Alicia Keys are awesome! 🔥
  • Great album

    By Dstillo33
    Great album by one of hip hops greatest ever.
  • Skyscrapers is amazing 🌊🌊

    By Yogibearjavier69
    Rip to the Real DOGG!!🔥
  • X foreva!

    By Shaye48
    When she goes straight to number #9…lol! Great collaborations, greatest of all time!
  • Long Live X

    By Keisha Kiana
    The return of REAL HIPHOP!! Great album!