Happier Than Ever - Billie Eilish

Happier Than Ever

Billie Eilish

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2021-07-30
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 16

  • ℗ 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records


Happier Than Ever - Billie Eilish
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  • Happy Happy Happy

    This is going to be an epic album by Billie Eilish. The haunting melodies. Hey amazing dream like voice and the fact that she is just one genius of an artist she’s going to make this a classic album along with the brother Phineas I think this is just going to be a double platinum album. I like this album because she’s mixing vocals range now ! almost like classic Billy with an undercurrent of blues and soul. I really think this album is going to do her proud, and it’s obvious that she’s in a good place i. Her life. A happy place for Billy and a pretty powerful album for us. Congratulations Billy..,
  • Ambien

    By Mcgrupp79
    My god I literally fell asleep and crashed my car listening to this.
  • Monotonous Propaganda

    By Passenger of a pilot
    You are just another slave to the music industry... I pray you find your way out... And choose to become a positive, moral influence on our generation with the power your wield.
  • Beautiful, Chills, Eargasm

    By Carley4562378
    I genuinely feel like Billie is the best singer in the last at least 20 years. I am very excited to hear the rest of her album. Her lyrics are extremely poetic and well thought out and relatable. Her voice is extremely soothing and she has incredible control of her singing voice and notes. Congratulations on your new album Billie. With so many songs, I know you worked extremely hard and I wish you many more years of success. More Grammys are coming your way. 🏆📀🏆📀🏆📀🏆📀🏆
  • What a queen

    By OBXgirl321
    I fully don’t understand that haters. If you don’t like the music, don’t listen. No need to say crap. Billie is growing and I absolutely love it! Her voice is beautifully melancholic and unique. She’s definitely my favorite artist and I can’t wait to hear more of her music!
  • Godly

    By sandrassaaa
  • Excited

    By therefore i amme
    Honestly I haven’t been a fan of Billie Eilish for too long but I’ve always liked her music from her very first album to now. I am personally very excited about this album. While I want a massive fan of your power therefore I am and my future were very good tracks in my opinion. So keep going Billie we’re all excited for this new album.
  • 🙏🏽🙌🏾

    By R&BKid21
    Keep doing your thing. Haters are going to hate regardless. They hated on Jesus too. Thank you for your continued vulnerability. You are #1.
  • Vogue

    By Nuk123
    Dont worry I'm too WEAK to listen to a person that speaks for ALL MEN saying “all men are weak”
  • Not for me

    By Midnight1031