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  • Ummmmm yassssssss

    By musical_flamingo
    I don’t care what people say about her music. I’m here for it! You can hear the pain in her voice. Each lyric has a story. She is my idol!! I’m in the process of writing a song and this inspired me even more. Olivia, if you ever see this, THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for being an inspiration to me. Edit: I was reading the reviews. Her style is inspired by LORDE and Taylor Swift. I also read that some people said she sounds like a teenager. SHE IS A FREAKIN TEENAGER!!!!!!! This doesn’t Sound like every white girl teen break up song. If you want hear a basic white girl break up song, listens to Dixie Damelios ONE WHOLE DAY. That is repetitive trash. Olivia is one of the few teenagers who are putting themselves out there. Her song isn’t overrated. Maybe over played but be proud of her having her FIRST single come out and be this successful. Be glad someone is willing to go for it and create music. Also, she wrote this bc she loved it. She didn’t write it to have untalented jealous people to judge her style that best fits her own unique voice. And all of those people who are so concerned about the drama, don’t act like you have never said things to vent. For everyone saying this, I’m pretty sure she wrote this song because she was in pain. Not to shade Sabrina Carpenter. Whether or not skin by Sabrina Carpenter was directed towards people sending her hate: good for her. If it was directed towards Olivia that’s unprofessional and should not be supported . Liv may not be perfect but neither are we. Shut your mouths and remember, the success she achieved with this song is incredible. She has broken so many records that originally were broken by people who have been in this industry for YEARS. So in conclusion, if you don’t like the song, cover your ears and change the radio station. It’s not that hard.
  • Love it!!!!

    By Will2666666
  • Awful

    By At133213
    So generic, people listen to this stuff???? Terrible!
  • Dog water

    By !!yes!!
    Dog water
  • Queen

    By edwingrande
    Ended our faves with ease
  • So good

    By rainbow_blosom0116
    Omg all these comments are about how it is such a basic teenage white girl break up song well guess what WHO CARES ITS A GOOD SONG FOR CRYING OUT LOUD luv u Olivia can’t get enough of this song also Olivia is literally half Filipino so stop saying it’s “basic white girl stuff”
  • Stop being so rude

    By 🤡📺
    I get that everyone has there own opinions but sometimes they need to be kept to your selves because when someone works hard on something they don’t deserve to be put down for it . That’s like saying oh wow you slept a couple weeks or months on this I am going to tell you to restart because it’s not perfect. I am sick and tired of all these reviews about this song keep them to your self. Don’t listen to the song if you don’t like it. -leilani
  • Worth the hype

    By Khhhjkjgh
    This song is really good and 45 year old dads who listen to blue oysters don’t even know wut this song is about. Some ppl are mad that it sounds like every other break up song, but that’s how things are now ppl aren’t scared to tell the world that they are hurting. The time is now old men and women. So u better come with it.

    By flame699
  • This review is gonna be long

    By #hatersgonnahate🤩
    This song is so overrated I could die. It’s literally just YOU SAID FOREVER NOW I DRIVE ALONE PAST YOUR STREET. It’s bad. Also, how could this be more popular than Selena Gomez or Selena Quintanilla? Just no. They are both better than you. Also idk WHATS so good about this song, but people are going insane over this dump truck of a song. So yeah. Here is why I hate it: So not long ago I was obsessed with Roblox TikToks. Later, I saw Royale High TikToks. Of course I was beyond happy, and started getting addicted to them. Then this song got released. All of a sudden the community was trashed by this song. At first I was ok with this, I thought the song was “Heather” by Conan Gray. I had heard of the song driver’s license before, and didn’t think much of it. In my recommended a few days later, I saw this, Driver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo. I was like ooh why not? I watched it and it was ok. A few weeks later I was bored so I told my google, “Hey Google, play Driver’s license by Olivia Rodrigo.” It did, and I was shocked at how horrible it was. It wasn’t the same one I remembered. I started hating the song, the end. Told ya this review would be long :/